Starlight Inventory Case Study

Creating a beautiful display from JSON business data

We were approached by a client interested in crafting a beautiful display from their JSON business data.  Starlight rents, returns and hauls dumpsters.   They had an application which showed how many dumpsters were out, how many they had access to, and how many hauls were pending.   They wanted that information to be displayed in real-time on a TV monitor in their operations center.

The client created a JSON feed showing the current inventory.  Stratagem Creative wrote custom code to consume that JSON feed, and formatted and styled the content.

Our client wanted to show this information on a widescreen TV monitor at their operations center.  We formatted the table so it would be easily readable on a large display.

Success breeds success

Our client was very happy with the result.  After some time, they found their employees wanted the display on their desktop PCs.  We had ensured that the site was responsive, so it easily adapted to the reduced real estate on the employee’s monitors.

The display got so much use, they wanted to provide the same functionality to their business partners, which had different dumpster sizes and locations.

We implemented login functionality so that different users would have different accounts.  Now they can log in and view personalized information pertaining directly to them!

Custom solutions to fit your needs

Our client ended up changing the way that they did business.  Now, they have the ability to view information about their current business operations, open in a browser all the time.  In addition, they have a birds-eye view of their data, available from anywhere in their operations center.  Even better, they have a product that they can offer their business partners and clients which make their business more appealing than the competition.

If you need help visualizing your data, and streamlining your operations, please contact us and see how we can work together.